Relax, we don’t sell anything here.

We are a gathering of mariners discussing potential uses for hovercraft, from 1 to 200 passengers, in Northern California.

We are an incubator for the exchange of ideas, hovercraft solutions, and Venture Hovercraft Partnerships.

We are Designers, Pilots, Builders, and Business Consultants. If you have one or know of one.. please let us know!

We are creating an online space to discuss information about hovercraft from around the world that eventually leads to Hovercraft being put to good use all over California. These are very unique machines. They bring rescue services, transportation, and entertainment to: shallow rivers, resort tours, rescue services, corporate shuttles, solutions for low tide route issues, marine security, and transportation to outlying waterways currently not connected.

Hovercraft fill a unique niche that other vehicles don’t. The uses are extensive.

This all started in 1957. We were there. We have 65 years of study and experience in a brand new industry…