Welcome To My Crazy Life…

In 1957, my father, Gerald Crisman, was a flight design engineer for Boeing in Seattle. 

He saw the first hovercraft flying model in a newsletter from England and started designing his own immediately.

We built 18 models that flew, then a full size 3 passenger “AirCar” (right), that was in the garage of the house of the future in the 1961 Seattle worlds fair.

I was his eager assistant thru it all.

There are two broad design camps in hovercraft. Hovercraft built like boats. Hovercrafts that are built like aircraft. My fathers and my designs are from the aircraft perspective…

My father’s 3-passenger craft and my first one-boy craft were on the front page of Science and Mechanics December 1962, a nation wide magazine…

I have been designing, building, flying and studying these craft for 65 years. My main study has been in design efficiencies and watching the market trends.

I designed this in 1978, and kept improving the design for 40 years.

I’m a member of the Hoverclub of America…

I was drafted in 1970. It’s the only lottery I’ve ever won. 🙂

Ended up with 1100 hours in a Grumman Mohawk OV1-D as the right seat Technical Observer: Cameras, infra-red and radar. Viet Nam.

Got tangled up with a Russian Mig fighter… ruptured my ear, which stopped the flight career…

Awarded The American Air Medal…

50 bars in restaurants, hotels, and resorts — over 40 years, from Seattle WA to San Fran to Sacramento, CA.

I wrote a book about it called, My Life Behnd Bars (Not vailable online).

I was the G.M. of the #2 destination resort in Washington state. From this viewpoint, I observed, studied and created plans for hovercraft resort operations: tours, rescue services and shuttle applications…

LaFa’it Gourmet Foods

I invented chocolate, strawberry and almond flavored whipped creams in aerosol cans. Seattle, WA Sub S Corp.

Went through special training to learn to build the business plan and operate it. Found the investors and landed major accounts with Red Robin and other chain restaurants. Sold the company for a profit. My degree is in accounting. My specialty is cash-flow projections.

Venture Capital Source

From the success of Lafa’it, I got a partner and we started Venture Capital Source, a company designed to create short business plans and raise capital for new product developments. We designed a “Sizzle Package” presentation. up to five pages of “Just the facts”. It’s a qualifier to get partnerships started. I have created a sizzle package for each of the projects on this site and can create one for any project in the future…

I’m Michael Crisman, and my Goal here is to create an online portal for the free exchange of ideas regarding the use of hovercraft in this region. No one else is doing this here.

These machines can be used to solve many problems. People just don’t know they exist or “Who To Call” ? 🙂

They are unique and can do things other vehicles simply can’t. Sand bars and mud flats are now traversable and useable land. Sometimes, that creates an advantage.

Our mission is to create better awareness of what’s available and to answer the questions that arise, create discussions, look at the options.

You In! ??
Let’s Talk About It…

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