An Online Hovercraft Magazine

PROJECT: There Are No Hovercraft Magazines

  • Surely there’s enough world activity to warrant full coverage online?? Yet there is no central hovercraft resource for the industry as a whole.
  • There are sites with their specific machines, uses, clubs, etc. But there is no central location to see the industry events daily.
  • Whenever hovercraft do anything, they make the news.
  • There are many new designs coming out, from 2 passengers to 200. Exceptional rescues, new uses every day, climate change coverage and how hovercraft are involved.
  • Transportation and services are now able to reach more out of the way places.
  • There are hover-barges, hover attachments to move large machinery indoors, lawnmowers, hoverboards, hovercraft school projects, etc.

The list goes on and on and no one is covering it.

Share your thoughts, ideas below!

One Response

  1. What seems obvious to me is that if there really was a hovercraft magazine covering the industries activities… they would get every company producing anything in the hovercraft industry to advertise on that site. I’m not an expert here. They could drop-ship RC craft. What all else would a hovercraft magazine entail? Your ideas?

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