Manufacturing Electric-Powered Hovercraft

PROJECT: Manufacturing

  • There are many opportunities to get into the building of hovercraft. There are no hovercraft manufacturers in this state… Yet!
  • First off: You can buy a kit and build your own. What’s good about this is that your first build is likely to fly fairly well.
  • There are molds available for small race craft. My Fathers and my designs are available as an exclusive. All or individually.
  • There are entire companies that can be bought and relocated.
  • There’s an entirely new market — armed security hovercraft.
  • There are contracts to be had to be the builder for foreign craft here in the U.S. That way they can be marketed here.
  • The entire new field of manufacturing electric hovercraft could be very exciting. Look to the future — That’s what’s coming!

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  1. The picture above is one of my designs. I’ve been studying hovercraft designs for 65 years. What does the industry need? It needs reliable and affordable 6 place craft for personal use, resort tour services, rescue services, private security and entertainment rides. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to hovercraft manufacturing. The new electric hovercraft in 2 to 10 passenger designs are very promising. Outsanding Foriegn craft could be sold here if they were manufactured here.Many potentially lucrative contracts are available. There’s a lot to talk about here.

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