Let’s Talk About It…

I’ve been collecting notes and creating plans for the following six projects for decades.

Join in on my BLOG or CONTACT ME today with your thoughts on these and any other hovercraft project you are familiar with or interested in.

Hovercraft Park Franchises

  • This is a marketing plan to promote hovercraft locally. Lease/option some acreage, preferably flood-prone and it must be visible from a major highway.
  • Bring in a few used/updated 2-3 place craft. Sell fun rides, give piloting classes, safety training, start a race club, a rescue club.
  • Leading to brokered sales of new and used craft from around the world. There is a manufacture of our own electric designs component with this one.
  • If the business model can be proven profitable, it could be franchised.

I love talking about this one 😉

The California Hovercraft Race League

  • Hovercraft Park and the race league can work together or separately.
  • We bring in a couple used race machines… (probably from England, because the molds are available too), soup it up and then challenge all northern Cal
    to a race. If you can beat us, you win the prize. We help everyone get a machine. There’s a potential for manufacturing electric race craft as well.
  • Set up new teams in every major town thru “Meet-Up” online. We’ve talked to the northern Cal boat race groups. They’d like us to do demos at their events.
  • Then we coordinate competition events throughout the state. (And that’s just one state. 😊)

The California Hovercraft Rescue Pilots Association

  • This one is needed to improve rescue services in hard to access places. It could also be designed as a network of hovercraft trained pilots to help with the growing climate change issues. Floods, draught and low water issues, thin ice recoveries, or just demos for education on snow covered golf courses.
  • There is a rescue and pilots association already operating in Canada. They are willing to share their systems and help train and direct us. We just need to build a team with a few machines in this area. These four to six passenger size craft are great for adventure cruises as well.

Consider becoming a partner.


  • There are many opportunities to get into the building of hovercraft. There are no hovercraft manufacturers in this state… Yet!
  • First off: You can buy a kit and build your own. What’s good about this is that your first build is likely to fly fairly well.
  • There are molds available for small race craft. My Fathers and my designs are available as an exclusive. All or individually.
  • There are entire companies that can be bought and relocated.
  • There’s an entirely new market — armed security hovercraft.
  • There are contracts to be had to be the builder for foreign craft here in the U.S. That way they can be marketed here.
  • The entire new field of manufacturing electric hovercraft could be very exciting. Look to the future — That’s what’s coming!

There Are No Hovercraft Magazines

  • Surely there’s enough world activity to warrant full coverage online?? Yet there is no central hovercraft resource for the industry as a whole.
  • There are sites with their specific machines, uses, clubs, etc. But there is no central location to see the industry events daily.
  • Whenever hovercraft do anything, they make the news.
  • There are many new designs coming out, from 2 passengers to 200. Exceptional rescues, new uses every day, climate change coverage and how hovercraft are involved.
  • Transportation and services are now able to reach more out of the way places.
  • There are hover-barges, hover attachments to move large machinery indoors, lawnmowers, hoverboards, hovercraft school projects, etc.

It goes on and on and no one is covering it.

Commercial Brokering

  • Larger machines… Costing millions. To cities with outlying rural transportation needs, (rather than build and maintain a bridge).
  • The larger rescue hovercraft — like the one used in Vancouver Canada. The goods and services transporter hovercraft in Alaska.
  • Brokering outside the U.S. to other countries for coast guard use. Resort and corporate shuttle services. This is a complex and difficult business.
  • Very expensive and many moving parts… Each country’s laws, etc. But it is wide open globally — the market is huge.

These are just some of the hovercraft things on my mind… What’s on yours? Join the conversation on my BLOG or CONTACT ME today!